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Somos Miasa®, El laboratorio de metrología industrial más equipado del norte de México.

We are the most equipped industrial metrology and inspection laboratory in the north of the country, providing a wide range of mount and hand-held instruments, as well as quality control services for the manufacturing industry.

ISO/IEC 17025

¿Por qué escoger los servicios que brindamos?.

Each one of our services offers real values added and real utility.

  • Safe collection.

    We pick up your equipment and parts for sizing or calibration, at no extra cost.

  • Smart review.

    We evaluate your equipment, so we can provide you with a complete and real diagnosis, without any additional charge.

  • Calibration included

    We calibrate and provide the calibration certificate for each instrument you purchase with us.

  • Reports in the cloud.

    24/7 access to your certificates, through our own digital platform, at any time.

We provide you with integral services carried out by professionals.

Our goal is to satisfy all our customers' needs, generating a set of solutions,all in one place.

Leaders in high-performance equipment distribution.

Having high-performance teams is essential for you to increase your productivity, achieve betterperformance and better results.

Customers who have trusted us.

Our clients have proven and recommend the quality of our services.

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Procuramos mantenerte al día en el mundo de la metrología, y de avances dentro de nuestro laboratorio que podrían ser de interés para ti.