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Authorized distributors for Mexico of Werth Messtechnik.

Werth Messtechnik is the manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines and computed tomography and high-precision machine vision equipment with more than 70 years of experience, headquartered in Gießen, Germany.

New Partner in Mexico.

Earlier this year, we announced a new international partner for Werth sales and service activities in Mexico. Metrología e Ingeniería Avanzada S.A. de C.V. was founded in 2006 and its headquarters are located in San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico. The company is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and offers metrological consulting, training, contract measurement, and equipment sales.

- Published in Werth Multisensor 2020, Werth's official annual magazine with worldwide distribution.

Authorized Trimos sales and service distributors.

For almost 50 years, Trimos offers a wide range of products and solutions in the field of dimensional metrology. Height gauges, portable CMM, 3D measuring arm, measuring benches, optical measuring instruments are our core products. Trimos products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. They are internationally recognized for their excellence.

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Trimos A-Line: Portable Measuring Arms.

Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms allow extremely easy and accurate 3D measurement.

Trimos C-Line: The world's first truly portable coordinate measuring machine.

The C4 is the world's first direct computer-controlled coordinate measuring machine (DCC CMM). At only 30 pounds, the C4 (zCat in America) conveniently accompanies you wherever you need it.


Trimos V-Line: Vertical measuring systems.

The Trimos vertical measuring systems are equipped with the revolutionary handwheel that allows the user to choose between manual or motorized displacement mode.

Trimos: Horizontal Calibration Systems.

Trimos HCSs are high-precision measurement and calibration systems that meet the most sophisticated requirements.

Trimos: Horizontal Measurement Systems.

HMS Trimos are high-precision setting and presetting systems that meet the most sophisticated requirements.

Authorized distributors for Mexico of Optacom Konturmesssysteme.

Optacom, made in Germany, has been developing, manufacturing and distributing world-class surface measurement systems since its founding in 1999. These measuring systems enable the evaluation of contour, roughness and roundness in a single step. A foolproof, fully automatic and extremely fast calibration as well as an equally fast and uncomplicated stylus tip replacement are the hallmarks of the carefully crafted precision systems.

optacom sys

The worlds first truly portable coordinate- machine.

The zCAT is the world's first portable Direct Computer Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine (DCC CMM). At only 16 kilograms, the zCAT goes with you wherever you need it. You no longer need to carry the part to the CMM; from a surface plate to a table on the shop floor or on a large part, the zCat can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.

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Universal fastening and clamping systems.

Spreitzer offers a complete range of custom-made fixtures specialized for laboratory use, the perfect accessory for CMMs, articulated measuring arms, optical systems and industrial computed tomography.

Smooth, threaded and custom-made gauges.


Measurement of internal threads and thread depths by a single instrument in a single operation.

Vermont Gage.

VPT is a company based in the state of Vermont, USA, and specializes in the manufacture of plain and threaded gages.

OSG Royco.

OSG is a leading manufacturer of thread checkers and indexable cutting tools based in Toyokawa, Japan.

Dimensional control instruments.


Development and manufacture of high-precision measuring instruments with Bluetooth connectivity, designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.


Manufacturer of handheld instruments such as calipers, micrometers and gauges, to specialized equipment such as hardness testers, height gauges, and granite tables.


Measuring instruments recognized worldwide for their reliability and excellent quality.

Equipment for measuring of special characteristics.


Specialists in measuring inside diameters, boreholes and hard-to-reach cavities.


Specialized equipment for measuring diameters and special internal characteristics.

Mueller Gages.

Quality tools, manufactured for special applications.

Pi Tape.

Short and long range internal and external circumference measuring tapes.


Plastiform avoids destructive testing and speeds up the quality control process.

Instruments for control and force measurement.

Snap On.

Specialized equipment for torque measurement and control.