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Inpection lab.

Inspection laboratory specialized in 2D and 3D laser scanning and probing dimensioning.

PJLA accredited.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017, provides us with the necessary requirements to be met by testing laboratories, facilitating the harmonization of quality criteria. The main objective of this standard is to guarantee the technical competence and reliability of analytical results. Our accreditation in eight different magnitudes, is the pinnacle of the service, because behind this, there are highly trained metrologists in command of a selection of testing machines of remarkable precision and accuracy, which within our laboratory in optimal conditions of functionality according to the regulations, offer the best uncertainties of the market, in each of our inspection certificates.


Meet our new Werth ScopeCheck® FB-DZ.

High-performance multisensor coordinate measuring machine with dual Z-axis, which perfectly combines the advantages of conventional probe and vision measurement without the need to change, install or adjust modules manually.

Specialists in 3D metrology.

The difference between conventional metrology and 3D metrology is that the conventional method uses control devices that allow us to control only 1 dimension, while 3D metrology allows us to control all 3 dimensions in space. The 3D metrology service compares the CAD model to issue very complete dimensional reports in order to obtain a global view of the part, improving quality, cycle time and equipment efficiency.

When to perform an inspection of parts and materials?

Inspection systems are used to examine, measure and verify the characteristics of a product, as well as the components and materials from which it is made, or under a given process.

Dimensioning using point clouds.

3D visualization or 3D point cloud is the step prior to the creation of an accurate 3D model of the real world. It is the starting point of a digital reality, a map of points in space that are processed to become 3D models of almost any object.

3D models based on point cloud data are used in a growing number of industries for visualization, planning and customization. Data has the power to transform-and is transforming-the way we plan, improving the accuracy of information available to everyone from quality engineers to operations managers.


Probing method.

When measuring points taken with an electronic probe are recorded when the tip deflects sufficiently to either break mechanical contacts or to generate enough force to activate the pressure-sensitivity circuit.


Scanning method.

Method that basically consists of projecting a laser light onto the object to be measured to simplify the detection of one or more points in the image and to facilitate image processing.

Superior precision machinery.

We have different alternatives to perform the service, for example, our 7-axis Trimos measuring arm, which can combine probing and laser scanning for the inspection of complex profile contours, as well as the only portable CMM on the market, called zCat, capable of performing functions of a conventional CMM, but with a really compact size, and our Trimos vertical measuring systems, which specialize in complex tasks such as programming, 2D mode, angle measurements or statistical analysis of results.

Dimensioning using profilometry.

This technology is based on topography, which can be defined as the morphology or configuration of a surface. All surfaces contain irregularities of different wavelengths that are superimposed on the shape of the part.

The principle of the contact profilometer is that a stylus moves over the surface to be measured at a constant speed. A load is applied to the probe to ensure that it does not lose contact with the surface. The movements are transformed into an electrical signal that is converted into digital information that can be displayed.

The main application of this system is the control of the surface finish, but also of the shape of any type of volumetric parts.

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